Digital Marketing Basics

Digital marketing (data driven marketing) has over the last decade changed the scenario of marketing and advertising space.  It has reduced the cost of reach to the widest audience with affordable budgets through tools like eg: social media marketing , Search engine optimization, etc,.  This inturn has given the mid and small size companies the power to formulate and execute advertizing strategies in line with their budgets, which was unthinkable a decade or two ago.

Digital marketing is often referred to as online marketing, internet marketing, or digital marketing.  Digital marketing over a period of time has grown exponentially.

In the last 4 – 5 years digital marketing has become the most common terminology for internet marketing or internet marketing.

Digital marketing gives the opportunity to small and medium businesses the leverage for a two way communication with their customers, which infact would help in understanding and better customer engagement activities.

Digital marketing allows us to measure the effectives of a particular strategy, which is very difficult with traditional marketing strategies.

Lets discuss Digital Marketing Strategy next week which involves planning, opportunity, and action for measured results.

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